Koch Associate Program

Charles Koch Institute

Associates work in a full-time job four days a week, and spend one day immersed in a
Market-Based Management curriculum that includes lectures, team-based projects
and more.

The year-long Koch Associate Program, administered by Charles Koch Institute, educates potential leaders and entrepreneurs about the ideas of economic freedom. It helps them develop the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for careers that seek to advance those ideas by applying Market-Based Management®.

Currently, Anna Ridge manages the Koch Associate Program at the Charles Koch Institute. She completed the program in 2011 and now works with associates on a daily basis. During her year in the program, the instructors and fellow associates helped her become a better critical thinker and manager. “The other associates challenged me to implement the management tools we were learning, and by using those tools I made my day-to-day work more effective,” she says. “Also, a unique part of the program is the opportunity to work at a job you are passionate about. This combined with the MBM® tools makes the program unparalleled to others.”

"Participating in KAP is a unique opportunity to learn Market-Based Management and begin applying it," says Lea Krohn, one of several current KAP instructors. "Associates learn how to think through problems and approach them differently using MBM. They learn how to deliberate in an intentional way instead of a reactive way and allocate resources to their most effective use."

Mary Quintanilla, alumna and membership manager for the Institute for Justice, believes that the tools she learned in the program have been helpful in conversations with her boss and how she approaches her responsibilities. "I consider the cost/benefit analysis when I'm looking at a project and how to best use my time. Instead of going with my gut or what seems exciting, I think about what's best long-term for the organization."

Charles Koch Institute is an educational nonprofit focused on the importance of economic freedom and how it increases well-being for the majority of people. Through research, training programs, and professional education, the institute works to connect students and professionals to opportunities to advance economic freedom. Nearly 1,000 people have participated in one of the programs administered by Charles Koch Institute, including the Koch Internship Program, the Koch Associate Program, and Liberty@Work™. To find out more about the Charles Koch Institute and its educational programs please visit chareleskochinsitute.org